Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best Hair Products--Oscar Blandi's Pronto Dry Shampoo

Though GlamAmor is clearly focused on vintage clothing and the inspiration behind the clothing, I can't help but mention some of my favorite beauty products since they're so key to my own look and might be ones that you enjoy as well.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my hair gets as much attention on the street as my vintage clothes do. Thus I thought I should start GlamAmor's Best Beauty with a product I can't do without for my hair--Oscar Blandi's Pronto dry shampoo.

First, let's discuss the wonder of any dry shampoo. As many of you already know, it is the key product that allows you to prolong the life of your blow out into day two and even day three. However, as many of the fashion magazines are finally acknowledging, dry shampoo is a versatile styling tool for use even immediately following a blowout. This is actually a trick I learned a couple years ago and can't believe it's taken this long for word to get out. You'll find it gives your hair more overall volume and can help your hair from falling flat during the day. It's more natural volume, too, in contrast to stickiness that often comes from many volumizing sprays. And if you want an updo with freshly washed hair instead of the advised day after hair, you're really going to need a little help from dry shampoo.

Oscar Blandi's Pronto is simply the best dry shampoo I've found. In addition to the attributes mentioned above, Pronto really helps define the layers in my hair. In using it, my hair often seems to get better throughout the day, even if it's a windy day or I've been windblown in a convertible. It is also one of the few out there that gives your hair a bit of shine and it's difficult to overdo it; some dry shampoos will dull your hair and make your hair seem like a helmet if you put too much in. Even Pronto's scent is lovely--a subtle lemon verbena that doesn't compete with any other fragrances you might have going, including the ones in your hair. It just always seems fresh and complimentary.

How do I use it? In the morning after blow drying, I will put a product in my hair for a little control and separation (Kerastase and Enjoy both make products I like), and then let that set a bit while I put on my makeup. Then right before I leave the house, I sprinkle in a little Pronto to fluff it out and finish with hairspray. After work, if I'm planning on going out for the evening, I will simply freshen the look with a little more Pronto. If I have time, I will blast my hair with a blow dryer to really boost the volume and loosen the layers. Again finishing with hairspray.

Pronto has evolved over the years, including spray versions and ones specific to your hair color for more options. However, I still rely on the trusty bottle shown above since it travels well and you can use it anywhere without an aerosol disturbing anyone, like at your desk during the work day. It seems to last forever (I'm still on my original bottle!) and is really a stellar product. You can find it at most beauty supply stores, including Ulta and Sephora. Hope you like it!

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I have the same passion with this Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo and it's really the best one.

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