Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cinema Style File--Julie Christie's Hair Inspiration

This month on Turner Classic Movies is their Summer Under the Stars, where each day is devoted to an individual actor or actress.  The other day was dedicated to the gorgeous and talented Julie Christie.  As movies like Darling, Doctor Zhivago, and Shampoo shone on my television screen, I was reminded just how luminescent Julie is on film.  There's simultaneously an innocence and intelligence about her that I admire.  And she still looks stunning today.  Absolutely ageless.

Julie's hair is beyond beautiful and has always been one of my favorite points of inspiration over the years.  That 1960s bedhead hair of hers--along with Brigitte Bardot's--never seems to go out of style and has continued to be a popular request in today's hair salons.  I know you'll understand why once you see some of her best looks here.  I think you'll be smitten, too.

Julie's hair is most often long and layered with volume at the crown and multi-functional bangs

Her updo...particularly prominent in Doctor Zhivago

The famous asymmetrical bob from Shampoo that's been an influence on my own hair


Anonymous said...

Not only is she gorgeous, but her hair was iconic of the mid-60's, along with Vanessa Redgrave's. Only Julie could get away with the grayish-platinum blond color seen in the great film, "Shampoo". What a scene, with Warren Beatty, who first cuts her long hair ("You look like a hooker!"), then styles it into a bob, longer in front than in back. Then they make love...of course!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks for your comments and I couldn't agree more. I couldn't wait for her makeover in SHAMPOO...even she struggled with that ash blonde color. lol And that asymmetical bob has influenced me again and again. Love it!

Marline said...

She reminds me, too, of Francoise Hardy--she of the flyaway hippie chic/chick hair and sexy sheepdog bangs--and Jean Shrimpton...what a great look. And you're right...still lives on!

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