Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cinema Style File--Brigitte Bardot's Hair Inspiration

Much like how the styles in fashion are constantly inspired by classic cinema, the same can be said of the styles found in hair.  This summer has launched many retro-inspired trends in hair, and I'll start by sharing perennial favorite Brigitte Bardot.  Over the years, countless celebrities, models, and magazine editors have borrowed from her style.  This includes another of my favorite actresses from the 60s, Julie Christie, who also has extraordinary hair.  Brigitte's look actually varied slightly in the early part of her career, especially with regard to her all-important hair.  The color was darker and the styles were generally much more finished.  But around the time of And God Created Woman, she really broke into that great golden blonde and learned that a wild mane was a look that really worked for her.

Whether Brigitte's hair is worn up or down, there's so much to love and learn from her.  Most importantly is to work with your natural texture and even rough it up a bit.  In fact, the messier the better...Brigitte was the queen of mastering the bedhead and always looked like she had just come from some sexy encounter.  She loved working with second or even third day hair, but you can always use dry shampoo to get a similar texture. She's also a master of using her bangs...sometimes they're very long and layered in front, and other times she tucks them away to give a slightly different look.  But absolutely everything must look like it is done in a hurry and completely uncalculated.  That said, she always knew exactly what she was doing.  Here are four overarching lessons that Brigitte can teach us all.  Pencils ready?

#1 Headbands

A chic and essential accessory for next-day hair

#2 The Five Minute Updo

Quickly teased bun usually finished with messy bangs in the front

#3 The Half Up/Half Down

Sometimes teased up and then tied in ponytails or braids...
sometimes teased up and left long in the back

#4 The Beautiful Mess

Long, layered, and lots of natural texture

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