Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Favorite Product--Philosophy Bath & Shower Gels

As much as I love fashion, I'm very nearly obsessed with beauty products as well.  Because of this, I'm going to start weaving in more product reviews on GlamAmor.  Some will be new finds that have impressed me and I can't wait to share with you.  Others are tried and true and ones that I essentailly can't live without.  Philosophy's Bath & Shower Gels fall into that latter category.

For one, their scents--or flavors--cannot be beat.  There is an entire range of flavors to choose from, whether you love florals, fruits, or baked goods.  They all smell exactly like their names, too.  The choices seem to be in almost constant rotation, so you can find different ones available on Philosophy.com, through QVC, Sephora, and even more places on the internet.  And even if you can't find your last flavor available, there will be one very close to it that may please you even more.   

I happen to be smitten with anything chocolate, which is a sweet but warm scent  that I find blends nicely with my natural body chemistry.  There are hardly any decent chocolate scents on the market and haven't found one product to rival Philosophy's.  I also love vanilla, but so many out there are either obviously fake or way way too sweet.  Philosophy understands and has various vanilla flavors to satisfy everyone whether you prefer it strong or soft.  If you like it subtle, the Vanilla Cake Batter (in the set to the left) would be great for you.

I love these washes for their ability to layer so well.  This is my base underneath any other lotions, oils, or perfumes I might choose for the day.  You can really build a custom scent for yourself by starting with these shower gels.
Beyond the scent, they are wonderfully gentle and moisturizing.  You really feel pampered whether you use these as your bubble bath or your shower wash because they're just so luxurious.  They can also be used as a shampoo, so you may find this a multi-tasking godsend for whenever you're traveling.

Philosophy is known for their festive and fun bath and body sets, which are a great way to try new products or give away as gifts during the holidays.  Be sure to check the exclusive holiday savings going on right now at Philosophy.com.  Can you say trick or treat?

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