Sunday, October 17, 2010

Out and About--Santa Monica Art Studios Show

On Saturday night, I attended a giant gallery opening at the Santa Monica Art Studios.  Nearly 100 artists displayed their work inside the 22,000 square foot airplane hanger.  Some were residents of the space, who opened their studio doors to the public for the evening.  Others were guest artists who were invited to showcase their work in the lengthy hallways of the hanger.  Though the space is enormous, the show somehow felt surprisingly intimate and you could really engage in conversation with each talented artist.

The show was remarkably varied, too.  The wagon above--using mixed materials ranging from a Twister game to a ukelele--was your first encounter as you entered through the Arena 1 Gallery with the cutting-edge F*Utility show.  Beyond this more provocative work, I found astonishing collections of classic and abstract painting and sculpture filling the Santa Monica airport hanger.  Wine and a live band helped everyone enjoy the evening even more.

Some great West Coast jazz to listen to as you scroll through the artwork...

Ready for Take Off:  1960s cerulean shortsleeve shift, nude Charles David patent leather pumps, gold leather clutch with gold link chain, gold hoop earrings, 1950s cream cashmere coat (shown later)

Casper Brindle with his most recent abstract collection as a beautiful backdrop

Casper discusses his work with Kevin and other friends

Sculpture and paintings by Yossi Govrin

Santa Monica as inspiration in paintings by Sally Lamb

Stunning bursts of color in abstracts by Janet Bothne

Interestingly, I had already seen this painting (and loved it!) at a Jeanie Madsen Gallery show

Colorful texture in abstracts by Sylvia Moss (above) and tranquil seascapes by Margaret Vallese (below)

The inspirational work space of John Goetz

Stopping to look at the flowers inside one of the artist studios

Albums are a canvas for more than music for Daniel Edlen

A great band played in one of the hallways, which were lined with a mix of artistic styles by invited artists

Brian Reynolds' subdued palette of Venice (above) in contrast with the vibrant architectural work of Tanya Rector (below) 


Daniel Edlen said...

Nice shots of my Vinyl Art! It's hard to take good ones. Thank you for sharing the show. Did you have a favorite portrait?


Kimberly Truhler said...

Oh so hard to choose! Love Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan, and I'm a huge Led Zeppelin fan so seeing Bonham on vinyl is pretty great.

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