Saturday, February 26, 2011

Best Self Tanner--Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Custom Tan

Though I spend a ton of time outdoors, I'm almost constantly protecting my naturally fair skin with SPF.  But I live in Southern California and love a summery glow year round, so self-tanner has become one of my beauty staples.  I'm always a bit obsessed with finding the perfect one because it's such a challenging product to get right.  I think I've actually found it with Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Custom Tan.

It shouldn't surprise me that Victoria's Secret would have worked so hard to perfect this particular product.  After all, they're responsible for making women look wonderful whether in lingerie or bikinis, and a sun-kissed glow helps anyone look better naked.  Tested on models in photos shoots and runway shows, their Beach Sexy self-tanner is an incredible tool for real women as well.  Here's how:

Cutomized color.  No matter how light or dark you already are, or how light or dark you want to be, you can get it all from this one bottle.  No need to buy a bunch of different formulas any longer.  Your perfect shade--from subtly sun-kissed to deep bronze--develops in just a few hours.

Natural-looking tan.  It's easy for self-tanners to look orange on your skin, especially if you're fair and trying to go much darker.  We've all seen it, even on celebrities.  This Victoria's Secret lotion looks natural every single time.  It also includes skin-perfecting luminizers so your body has a lovely lit glow while you're wearing it.

Moisturizing.  Often self-tanners lack in true moisturization, requiring the need to layer on even more lotion in order to keep your skin supple. Not so with Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy.  It's an incredible formulation that somehow feels light going on and absorbs easily into the skin, yet it's made with rich shea butter so your skin stays hydrated.  An amazing combination.

Smells great!  This is what makes VS Beach Sexy Custom Tan truly miraculous, in my opinion.  For me, the scent is always the sticking point with any self-tanner.  Even the ones that claim not to smell like self-tanner are basically a bunch of perfume up front that fades into that familiar chemical smell.  I started to think that would simply always be the case and I just needed to accept it.  Then I tried this product.  VS Beach Sexy smells like the beach--like a summery blend of tropical fruit, coconut, and maybe a little hint of sunscreen.  And even over time, it simply becomes a softer version of that same scent.  I couldn't be more excited.

I really feel that this is a break-through product and won't be surprised when it starts showing up on the pages of the magazines.  If you love self-tanner as much as I do, I can't recommend this product highly enough.  Victoria's Secret also has a whole line of Beach Sexy products that I'm starting to try as well.  Get ready for that summer glow all year round!

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