Wednesday, February 23, 2011

True Preppy Style--the Photographs of Slim Aarons

As many of you know, GlamAmor is influenced by both the costumes of classic cinema and the combined color and conservatism of WASP style. Not surprisingly, Jacquie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn are considered the triumvirate of WASP style.  But there is even more inspiration to be found from a man who captured the WASPs better than any other--photographer Slim Aarons.  Slim was once quoted that he made a career "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places," but this clearly downplays his own talent and makes it sound deceptively simple.  In fact, he was responsible for some of the most iconic photographs we have of Americana.

Reportedly, Alfred Hitchcock based Jimmy Stewart's character in Rear Window on Slim...I'm guessing after Grace Kelly's fashion forward socialite gets him to trade in the National Geographic for her and Harper's Bazaar.  Slim somehow seemed to know everyone in the highest social circles of both coasts, from the stars of Old Hollywood to the tycoons of the Ivy League.  Thus, he was invited to party after party and given unparalleled access to his subjects at their most comfortable.  It's this blend of candid shots with incredibly careful composition that makes Slim's photographs so stunning.

His career is most known for capturing the East Coast preps living the good life, particularly his photographs of them luxuriating by their pools. His photographs are recognized for capturing the color color and more color of true preppy style, which you'll see was embraced in their everyday lives and even by the men (sometimes especially by the men).  Here are just some of Slim's images that continue to inspire me today.


Kiss My Ascot said...

Where is that top picture from? It is incredibel.

Kimberly Truhler said...

When you ask "where," are you asking where Slim shot the photo? Or what book it appears in? It IS wonderful, isn't it? I just want to join them by the pool. :)

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