Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cinema Style File--Ann-Margret in Yellow in 1964's VIVA LAS VEGAS

With yellow dresses as one of the trends for Spring, I cannot help but think of Ann-Margret in 1964's Viva Las Vegas. Yellow is a signature wardrobe color of the movie and you can see both Ann and Elvis flirting in yellow throughout.  Here are two great numbers--both in costume and music--with Ann looking as sunny and sexy as can be.  I'm a huge fan of hers and it's no wonder Elvis found her absolutely irresistible as well.


Melissa Clark said...

I was just browsing around checking out some of your past entries, and had to stop and comment on this one. I am completely obsessed with "Viva Las Vegas" right now. It's such a fun, stylish movie, and I love all the yellow.

In one scene you didn't picture (when Elvis sings to her at the piano), Ann-Margret wears a different yellow dress with a slightly deeper neckline and a light green cardigan draped over her shoulders. It's such a pretty springtime color combination. Classic movie costumes are such an inspiration when it comes to thinking of new ways to wear color.


Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks for reminding me, Melissa! Isn't it something how much yellow is in that movie? Really adds to the sunny feel of it. Also her orange and white outfit when she meets Elvis...what a figure!

And you're spot on right about the inspiration of color combinations in classic cinema. It is such an incredible way to see and test what works and what doesn't. It's shocking how few people really understand its value in that, including fashion designers. I really have learned every single one of my color combinations from the movies, starting with how Edith Head accessorized Grace Kelly's green skirt suit in REAR WINDOW.

Melissa Clark said...

Absolutely, Kimberly! It's the best kind of fashion school, because you get to be entertained while you're being educated. Not only have I learned a lot about color combinations from classic films, I've also learned so much about accessorizing. You see so many clever, unexpected ways to wear jewelry, handbags, gloves, hats and belts. I would never have become the brooch lover I am today if not for TCM. ;)

Back to "Viva Las Vegas," isn't Elvis's wardrobe beautiful in the movie? I watched it with a friend recently, and she commented that she'd never thought of Elvis wearing suits (well, other than bedazzled jumpsuits), but that he wore them very well. So true! Those slim cut '60s styles were gorgeous on him. He looks like the Rat Pack's long lost youngest member in "Viva Las Vegas."

Kimberly Truhler said...

So right again, Melissa. Too many people only think of the crazy Elvis style of his later years. VIVA LAS VEGAS was peak Elvis time style-wise, I think. It was just past his early souther rocker style and he was really starting to come into his own. I agree that he seems perfect for the Rat Pack. His body was incredible and the tailored fit of those 1960s suits was perfect way to show it off.

And so right about the lesson of accessories. Brooches were HUGE, weren't they? After seeing so many movies now on the big screen, I can tell you that brooches jumped out at me where I had never even seen them before--no kidding! Funny how you can miss details even after seeing a movie a hundred times. Just speaks to the quality of these films that you can watch them again and again and STILL get more out of them. As I always say, it's time very well spent.

Wish you could have seen Patricia Ward Kelly (Gene Kelly's widow) at the festival, Melissa. Always impeccably dressed in custom made suits, gloves (yes, gloves), and vintage handbags. You'll see when I do the post on the CABARET red carpet. Also, I spoke with Patricia about doing an interview on her style and she's excited to do it! I know she'll be someone whose style you'll really admire.

Melissa Clark said...

I agree, that period was Elvis's best, style-wise. Have you seen 1968's "Live a Little, Love a Little"? His wardrobe in that one has a bit of Mod flavor -- turtlenecks under sleek suits -- and he never looked better on screen. It's a strange movie, but the style of it is awesome and Elvis is slim, tanned and gorgeous.

I'm sure seeing movies on the big screen is a revelation! It's easy to miss details on television. Although now that I can watch a lot of my favorites in high-definition on my big TV, it's a lot easier to catch the little things that slipped by me in the past. Makes focusing on details like brooches much easier. ;)

I'm so excited about your upcoming interview with Patricia Ward Kelly! What a treat that will be. She sounds like an incredibly stylish lady. :)

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