Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cinema Connection--Gidget's Surf Style

I had a luxurious long Fourth of July weekend...mostly spent surfing at the beach.  After basically a six-month hiatus to get GlamAmor up and really running, I returned to my home break in Santa Monica to start surfing regularly again.  It was great to be back with the Ocean Park crew and surfing my recently revamped 6' board.  The weekend was made even more wonderful with sunny skies and water that seemed unseasonably warm at around 70 degrees.  The dolphins even welcomed me back...they swam around me almost the whole time I was out in the ocean on Monday.  Looking around me with the waves rolling in, perfect weather, and the Santa Monica Pier and mountains looking so beautiful just to the north of me...I thought, now this is the way to celebrate Independence Day.

Coincidentally enough, when I returned to work I found my inbox filled with emails from friends about WhoWhatWear featuring the surf style of Sandra Dee in 1959's Gidget.  Now I was never a huge fan of the cuts of the swimsuits in Gidget--I'm much more a fan of Esther Williams' earlier style--but the clothes and colors from the film are another story.  I also just really enjoy the overall feel of the movie...not a huge surprise since most of it takes place at the beach along my own Santa Monica Bay.  Here are some clips from the movie to get you in that summer state of mind.

Sunset at my home break in Santa Monica

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