Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Trend with Vintage--1960s Mod Dresses

Though I don't personally subscribe to any trends, I am still very interested in what's happening in fashion and WhoWhatWear is always a great snapshot of what's trending at the moment.  Well, right now the moment is all about 1960s vintage-inspired mod dresses.  They'll be big for Fall 2011 and they're already a hit on stylish celebrities like Michelle Williams.  Of course it practically goes without saying that GlamAmor has always been about the shift, the sheath, and all things classic 60s, so be sure to check out the GlamAmor Store for true vintage dresses and coats from that decade.  I'll also be at A Current Affair next month, where you'll be able to shop the whole GlamAmor collection and try everything on...all while sipping cocktails.  If that's not 1960s, I don't know what is.

Something that's interesting about WhoWhatWear's selections is that the Rachel Zoe dress on Beau Garrett is an exact copy of a true vintage dress that came from What Goes Around Comes Around.  Rachel had borrowed it when styling for a Teen Vogue shoot (below, left), and loved it so much that she bought it for herself and wore it on her reality show.  She also loved it so much that she made a duplicate of the dress for her new original clothing line (below, right).

The whole vintage-inspired movement may be gaining some serious momentum now--hooray for GlamAmor!--but it's actually nothing new. Designers have always been borrowing from the past, whether it's just a hint of inspiration or out and out copying that they'll never admit to.  You would be shocked if I told you half the stories I've heard from vintage vendors in Los Angeles.  So I'll repeat again what I've said before--if there's something fashion forward and fabulous coming down the runways in the new collections, chances are that those clothes are copied or inspired by something old.  

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Marline said...

How true, Kimberly...AND, the "something old" is typically MUCH better designed with marvelous fabrications and details you won't find in the modern knockoffs! So, buy vintage and wear the REAL DEAL!

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