Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vintage Los Angeles--Sunset Strip in the 1940s

Courtesy of Vintage Los Angeles, one of my favorite online resources, take a drive down Sunset Boulevard around the time that Rita Hayworth filmed Gilda at Columbia Studios.  Columbia was located at Sunset and Gower in the 1940s, so this is a stretch of the street that you would indeed share with Rita and other stars.  I love to think of them driving to work at the studios when I watch this.

Of course I love their inclusion of a Hitchcockian soundtrack, too.  

ABOVE:  The Palladium theater on Sunset Boulevard between Gower and Vine c. 1940s


Marline said...

Oh, this is wonderful stuff, Kimberly! Thanks for posting this! Have you seen the Voice of the Globe video on TCM about California, featuring a trip to a ranch outside of town (owned by Lou Carillo, The Cisco Kid's sidekick)? It's terrific!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Incredibly I actually HAVE caught that video on TCM! lol Can you tell we're fans?

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