Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cinema Connection--the Veiled Influence of Marlene Dietrich

After being mesmerized by Marlene Dietrich last night on Turner Classic Movies, I couldn't resist doing one more post on the massive influence that she's having on fashion right now.  Just when I thought the inspiration ended with all the feathered flair adorning dresses this season, I caught this post from StyleCaster trying to figure out the sudden dramatic turn of dark veils everywhere.  Though I agree that the economy and its challenges may have something to do with the slightly more mournful mood, mostly it's designers knowing their cinema history and making reference to a movie that seems to be inspiring them all right now--1932's Shanghai Express.  Search your local vintage stores and Etsy to recreate the drama for yourself.

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Marline said...

And, I'm harking back to Madonna's big "Marlene" moment in the 80's, too. Seems like when someone needs some DRAMA, they go to the source: Dietrich! Great post and lovely images, Kimberly!

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