Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cinema Style File--Carole Lombard in Irene for Ernst Lubitsch's TO BE OR NOT TO BE

The "Battle of the Blondes" continues tonight on Turner Classic Movies with two comediennes--Mae West and Carole Lombard.  Mae shows off the early costume design of Paramount studio superstars Travis Banton and Edith Head, who created her iconic form-fitting frocks for 1933's I'm No Angel and She Done Him Wrong respectively.  And Carole slinks around in Irene's body conscious bias cuts for Ernst Lubitsch in his 1941 classic To Be or Not to Be.  She's absolutely luminous in this film thanks to his sophisticated touch and the standout gown's sensual silk charmeuse.  You'll see that the dress' design is interesting from absolutely every angle of his camera.  Be sure to tune in tonight for more.

To hear all about this month of blonde beauty, watch me and host Scott McGee 
discuss the evolution of their style through the decades in TCM's podcast for November


Marline said...

What I'm really loving here is the stunning brooch that is anchoring those lustrous silk folds. Where's my Way Back Machine when I need it?
Love these screen caps, Kimberly. Nicely done to show us every angle of these gorgeous gown!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Yes, that brooch is an exquisite touch to this gown, isn't it? Perfectly placed. It's those kinds of details that separate design then with the design of today. So ahead of their time and all we can do is hope to recreate the magic.

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