Friday, February 3, 2012

On Trend with Vintage--Yellow Brightens Our Spring 2012

Though we're still technically in the winter months, everyone already seems to be looking toward the Spring.  Some of this is due to the weather, of course, which has been unseasonably warm this year in many parts of the country.  But our enthusiasm for Spring has much more to do with its fashion...we long for something fresh for our wardrobes, so our collective eye looks toward the next season to see what trends can be distilled from the countless collections coming down the runways.  

One of the biggest trends by far for Spring 2012 is the color yellow.  As you can see, it appeared in every conceivable shape and shade...from mustard to sunflower to neon.  So appealing!  And though pops of color are to be expected with warm weather--just take a look at yellow in last year's color trend--there seems to be an ongoing desire for much more color in fashion regardless of the season.  Yellow is one that designers really seem to love and there were early hints of it as a trend in the Fall collections before it exploded in the Spring.  Designers just might be taking our lead--women are embracing more color in their wardrobes than ever before and I couldn't be more delighted.  

Everyone knows what a huge proponent of color I am and yellow is one I love to wear.  When I went to the Bradbury Building and Angels Flight a couple weeks ago as part of my month-long focus on film noir, I chose a vintage yellow silk shirtdress from the 1950s.  I love how bright it is while also being timeless...the shirtdress is a staple, something that continues to be in fashion because it is such a classic.  I paired mine with black accessories since it is still technically winter and I was exploring the shadowy locations of film noir. But yellow is a color that can be paired with many others and I look forward to trying other combinations as the weather gets even warmer.

In classic cinema, few wear yellow better than Ann-Margret.  Just check out some of her wardrobe from Viva Las Vegas and you'll see exactly what I mean.  What are your favorite yellow dresses from the movies?  And will you be wearing yellow this season?

ABOVE:  Mulberry, Matthew Williamson, and Monique Lhuillier (top),
and Rodarte, Cushnie et Ochs, and Holly Fulton

Thanks to Lovely by Lucy for the runway images


Kay said...
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Kay said...

Yellow can be tricky, Kimberly, for those of us with pale skin and hair that's equally pale (read: gray), but I've finally discovered that Edith Head was right when she suggested old gold as a yellow silver-haired women with ivory skin can carry off. One of my favorite canary-yellow cinema dresss is worn by Natalie Wood in Sex and the Single Girl. Couldn't find a link that functioned, but trust me, she looks terrific in it with her dark hair and eyes!

Kimberly Truhler said...

You're absolutely right, Kay. Yellow is VERY challenging. I'm practically in the group you describe and found it to be a color that washed me out more often than not. In fact, it was one of the last colors I embraced as I tip-toed from wearing virtually only black and/or white into being the colorista that I am today.

And my lesson came from a surprising source--Ava Gardner. Though she has dramatically different coloring than me, she wore yellow with a blood red lip in THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA. I tried it myself and WOW! Yellow went from being a foe to being a friend. Now I usually pair my yellow dresses with a plum lip instead (a little more wearable than a deep red for day), but the lesson remains. :)

Marline said...

So often the saves the day! I can look either like a bag lady or a countess, depending on what I bothered to do with my hair and makeup. Never surrender!!! Fight for your right to COLOR YOUR WORLD!
Love, Kay

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