Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Celebrating Katharine Hepburn at the LA Conservancy's LAST REMAINING SEATS


INCREDIBLE. That's the word that keeps coming to mind to describe my Saturday night. Last weekend I introduced The Philadelphia Story (1940) to a packed house of 1,000 people for the Los Angeles Conservancy's beloved Last Remaining Seats screening series. I have to thank everyone who came to the historic Los Angeles Theatre - you were such a passionate audience. I got multiple rounds of applause in the midst of a mere 15 minute intro in addition to another at the end. When my audio briefly went out, the audience was genuinely upset (god bless them). There were boos and hisses (at Katharine Hepburn being labeled "Box Office Poison) along with cheers and laughter throughout. And the response ever since has been nothing short of overwhelming in the best possible way.

My most heartfelt thanks goes to everyone with the Los Angeles Conservancy for the warmth and support you showed me throughout, especially Sarah Lann who is and was an absolute angel. I'm thrilled to say that I've already been invited back. Can't wait for next year!

Cover photo by Mike Hume

Arriving at the Los Angeles Theatre, a movie palace that opened in downtown LA in 1931

Entering the opulent theatre and seeing the start of my presentation projected on the screen

In the #1 dressing room underneath the theatre waiting to get called to the stage -
I was inspired by Katharine Hepburn's "goddess gown" from The Philadelphia Story
and chose a white sequin Calvin Klein dress, 1950s silver purse (seen in cover photo), 
1960s rhinestone drop earrings, and silver Sam Edelman pumps

Backstage with fashion designer Trina Turk, who is very involved with the Los Angeles Conservancy,
and the LAC's President and CEO Linda Dishman

Photo by Mike Hume

With Linda and the LAC's Director of Education Sarah Lann before my introduction

In the midst of my introduction for The Philadelphia Story

Always animated in my talks - 
this may be around the time my audio went out and the joy when it came back on

Photo by Mike Hume

Jack Fields shot my introduction, which is now posted on YouTube

Big thanks to Jeff Mantor of the Larry Edmunds Bookshop, 
the "patron saint of film historians" and a good friend

Kevin looked dashing - he chose a silver silk tie to coordinate with his black suit
in honor of The Philadelphia Story star Cary Grant

Friends Ruth (above) and Rachel (below) are truly beautiful inside and out, 
and each know and love their vintage fashion

A wonderful time was had by all -
many thanks to the Los Angeles Conservancy!

See you at the Aero Theatre June 25 where I'll present Film Noir Style The War Years
followed by a screening of Laura (1944)!

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