Monday, August 23, 2010

Out and About--Gallery Opening

A month after first visiting the Jeanie Madsen Gallery for a Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce party, I once again returned for the opening of its "Urban Abstractions" show.  The show didn't disappoint, namely because many of the same great artists that I enjoyed so much from the "America Dreamn'" show--such as Mark Hobley and Brian Parillo--were once again on display with their newest work.

Mark and I chatting in front of a triptych of his paintings

Amazing Quality Indeed:  1960s seafoam green minidress with front and back v-neckline, 
1950s gold clutch, 1950s emerald chandelier earrings, gold Donna Karan goddess platform stilettos. 

Brian Parillo speaking with an admirer of his beautiful floral photographs

Even the back room of the gallery held more treasures, including yet another work by Mark and then many paintings inspired by classic rock bands (by Scott Horton, I believe).  Starting with my favorite, Led Zeppelin...

...and then The Who and Pink Floyd

Shane inspired to do a little dance surrounded by all those bands

Getting the party started

The birthday girl peeking out from the gallery's boutique while taking a call

Message t-shirts from Ofer Moses

Papparazzi time for the artists at work

It was great to see everyone again.  Be sure to check out the show!

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